The Kazara

The Kazara is the weapon of choice for the Mok’naka peacekeepers. Shaped like a regular short-sword in its dormant form, yet able to extend up to thirty feet when ‘alive’.
Over the course of history, many criminals and ruffians foreign to Mok’nakhal has been in for a surprise as they tried to flee from their peacekeepers, only to get smashed to the floor with no bow, arrow or magician in sight.
However, sharp as the sharpest Venurian-forged sword yet as flexible as a whip with a range even longer than the Sabolian shortbow, the Kazara is no longer as foreign to the world as it once was.

While the how and when of its origin is not currently known, the Kazara is believed to be forged by the Shamans of Kairne’s peak. At some point in history, the Mok’naka swore never to trade away the Kairnian smiths’ secrets, and for a time, they most certainly did not. But times change, and the modern Mok’nakhal is no longer what it used to be. The Kazara can, to the spiritkeepers outmost despair, I’m sure, be found and bought at many a market nowadays. They are neither cheap nor common, but it is not unheard of unknown merchants stumbling upon a Kazara or two on their travels.

In their studies of the weapon, the Magistry has found traces of both hydromancy as well as aethermancy. This discovery is one of a selected few when it comes to Kairne’s peak and its inhabitants; the discovery also provided proof concerning the theory that the Shaman’s actually is capable of magic. A relic of history as much as a sought after weapon for murder, the story of the Kazara remain as fogged and uncertain as the waters of Urimael, and will quite possible stay that way for centuries to come.

— Lodin Twinpeak, 59 Pt.


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