Tulahan, a realm as rich in ancient treasures and mysteries as it is in conflict and darkness. Explore the deep seas of the east — the hunting grounds of the Kaiju, the lush Lundermian jungles, and the hidden realms of the cloud-elves.
But tread carefully, as the dragons of Urimael are not so fond of visitors, and beware of the remnants of the pale creepers, sneaking around in the north.
Tulahan is a world that will reward your curiosity with grand adventure, marvelous artifacts, exotic beasts and fascinating plant-life, as long as you don’t overstep your own boundaries, that is. The Trinity does not take lightly to criminals.


What is the Kingdom of Tulahan?

The Kingdom of Tulahan is a massive undertaking. It is a world of beasts, magic, spirits and adventure. From the western Sula’norian forests to the Sabolian Crescent in the east, you’re sure to find something that will spark your interest.

If fiery dragons and grotesque beasts are what draws your attention, head over to The Beastiary, which is a collection of every single beast to be found all over Tulahan.

If, on the other hand, the arcane arts or archeology is the thing that rattles your glasses, join the other craftsmen at The Artifactory — a thorough documentation of every magical and extraordinary object through history. Hidden — or unraveled.

Perhaps such superficial things as milk-producing mesks and old lockets isn’t as interesting to you as the history of Tulahan, or the studies of the different races and clans of the realm. If you’re nodding appreciatevly, the Library might be the right place for you, where you’ll find the largest anthology ever created, with tomes and books ranging from Scholarian analyses to more easily digested stories told by the Mok’Nara.